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Researching & Talking to Your Market

Greetings, DMIers. I hope you found Monday’s Sticky Test exercise helpful along with today’s brainstorming sessions around markets and competitors.

I wanted to highlight another resource for secondary research on your markets that may be helpful: Ibis World. Chico State has access to this via library resources. Consider exploring this one if you don’t get good connections via:

Monday we’ll be focusing on conducting original research with your potential market (Homework 5). This research may help to determine if your idea is just that — an idea — or if there is potential to make it something more. This is a crucial stage for any entrepreneur.

Before class, be sure that you take a look at Mashable’s How to Solicit the Customer Feedback Your Startup Needs.

Final point, remember that your final concept must have a significant news element built into it. The NiemanLab is a fantastic source to help generate ideas in this area.

Lots of great stuff to contemplate this weekend.


How do you consume the news?

Greetings DMSers. One of our discussion topics for Wednesday’s class is to examine how we consume news. From this discussion we can see where we as a group fit into some of the latest research findings from the Pew Research Center and how we’re impacting the financial bottom line of news organizations.

I’d like you to spend some time before class pondering these types of questions:

  • In your average day, when do you check the news?
  • How do you access the news – via TV, radio, tablet device, in print for magazines or newspapers?
  • Do you pay for any news subscriptions? If yes, which ones and why are those outlets worth your money?
  • What are your preferred news sources and why?
  • Do you find yourself going to different sources for different types of news?

By examining how consumers access and digest news, we can begin to understand both the challenges and opportunities for entrepreneurs in the digital journalism space.