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Ready to Negotiate Your Salary?

Greetings J445 Job Hunters.

Monday’s class session is going to focus on a very important topic: MONEY!

We’re going to have a guest speaker who will teach you how to negotiate your salary. This topic definitely covers money, but as you’ll soon discover, there are other elements of your compensation package that you can negotiate with a potential employer.

Our guest speaker is Jodie Rettinhouse, career adviser with Chico State’s Career Center. I often get emails from alumni who tell me they got more starting pay or other perks in their first job because they followed the tactics that Jodie outlines.

The Daily Muse has a nice collection of links to articles about how to ask for a raise, negotiate your salary, and the homework you need to do before you start the process. Check those out here.

Money is often a challenging topic for soon-to-be professionals to cover. Last year, Forbes produced this piece, 11 Essential Money Tips for New College Grads, which you might find helpful.

Jodie is going to be the first of five guest speakers we’ll have in the coming weeks. Be sure to review the Guest Speaker Policy and come prepared to engage.



Give Me The Green Stuff

Monday’s class will focus on financial issues — how can you make money with your journalistic skills and how does this financial ability link to your business plan.

Prior to Monday’s class be sure to:

  1. Check out Briggs Chapter 3: Make Your Money Plan
  2. Read Paul Graham’s Ramen Profitable post
  3. Review The Business Plan assignment

We’ll have a hands-on activity to help you get started with the financial decision-making process for your startup.

Deadline Changes & Homework Notes

From our last class session:

  • Homework 3: is not due until Monday, Sept. 30. Today,  you should be close to finalizing your research plan and your product sketch, while starting to reach out to your potential market.
  • Homework 4: all you need to have ready for Monday is an idea regarding who you would like to target for this task. Just basics — why this person, how does she/he connect to your interests in startups or being an entrepreneur. Don’t worry about the rest of the tasks listed in the assignment.
  • Tomorrow’s Blog: is about product naming. Bring to class ideas for your product’s name and we’ll do a short critique.

I will be around tomorrow if you need assistance or access to the Mac Lab. Otherwise, have a fabulous weekend and best of luck with your market research.

Interest Area Connections

Yesterday’s new business ideas covered a wide range of industries: fashion, games, food, travel and outdoor recreation. I’ve come across resources with interesting links to your ideas you may choose to investigate:

  • Music industry: Check out Ghetto Web Blaster created by Matt Kiser, an alum of our journalism program.
  • Those interested in fashion might want to check out the latest issue of Entrepreneur as it has a spread titled “Style Files” featuring several interesting businesses.
  • The same issue of Entrepreneur has a story on gamification and how it’s being used in a wide range of industries for both internal and external audiences.
  • And of course, check out blogs from your peers who highlighted industry movers and shakers.

Topics on Upcoming Challenges

We also discussed taglines that some of you were contemplating. Inc. Magazine has a feature titled, “Is Your Tagline a Help or a Hindrance.”

And we discussed that you’re going to have to identify how to make money with your startup. Here’s a great piece to digest from Paul Carr about his journalism “somewhat-weekly newsletter” NSFWCORP I found on PandoDaily.