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Start Exploring Your Peers’ Perspectives

Greetings DMSers. Happy Labor Day!

Most of our student blogs are now linked to the course site. Check them out here. In particular check out John Riggin’s post. I liked the overall structure he crafted, paragraph treatment and the use of links within the piece. I also think many of you can relate to Taylor McKenna’s blog, in particular her closing paragraph, which is definitely something I’m challenged by.

Throughout the course of the semester you’re going to want to track, read and comment on the various blogs as part of your class participation. And, as we grow our blogs and explore entrepreneurial topics, you’ll find linkages from your particular interests to those of your peers. Then, you can help one another grow in important areas, share resources and brainstorm on your business concepts.

DMS Blog #2 is due this Friday at noon. You’ll need to identify a company you think is truly innovative and has been causing disruption within its specific industry. I’m sure each of you has many, many ideas to choose from.

While I’m not sure it counts as disruption just yet, here is a company and a new product I’m interested in testing out given my interest in graphic design. And, note the One-Liner Pitch. You’ll be creating this for your new product as well.

Enjoy diving in to this week’s blog.