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Forbes: Go Big or Go Home with LinkedIn

Happy Friday J445 Job Hunters. I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend.

Reminder that your LinkedIn profile is due 8 a.m. Monday. I must have your invite in my email before then to receive credit (if we’re already linked, then you’re good to go).

Before you finish your profile, check out Forbes, Your LinkedIn Profile: Go Big or Go Home. Some very nice insight here, in particular check out the comments regarding head shots. It also addresses several points from our previous class discussion: The issue of customizing your invitation to link with someone, and why you might not want to link with just anyone.

Monday’s Class Focus: Portfolios

We’re going to dive into your next job-hunting tool, which is your portfolio. We’ll cover formats, content, packaging and details of the assignment including deadlines. In preparation for Monday’s class be sure to read:

  • The Online Portfolio
  • PR Daily, “10 Things Every PR Portfolio Must Have.” Note that most HR staff I work with, tell me #8 is not needed (they’d rather TALK to references), but job candidates that have the rest of the items on the list typically get strong consideration.



Socializing Your Job Hunt

Happy Friday J445 job hunters! Only 93 days to graduation.

You should be wrapping up the final edits to your print resume, which is due at 8 a.m. Monday. Now, we’re going to turn our attention to social recruiting and how to get your digital tools into job-hunting shape.

When you come to class Monday you must have a basic LinkedIn account ready for analysis. But, social recruiting is much, much larger than just LinkedIn. For some perspective, check out this Mashable article, How Social Media Could Land You Your Next Job.

While you start reworking your LinkedIn content, you should also evaluate the personal profiles you developed thus far across all of your social channels.  See my Tuesday post for great resource links on this front.

Last note regarding LinkedIn for today… STOP making this bone-headed mistake.



Start Crafting Your Professional Bio for Social Platforms

Hi J445 Job Hunters. I hope you got a lot out of yesterday’s whirlwind resume class. Just a reminder that I’m happy to go through resume drafts with you during office hours, which are:

  • Today: 11 a.m. – noon
  • Thursday: 9:30 a.m. – 11 a.m.

Since we’re focused on resumes now and diving into LinkedIn Monday, I thought I’d share a few interesting sources with you. Yesterday, I recommended The Daily Muse. These two articles I originally found there:

The New Resume Tool You (and Recruiters) Will Love

How to Write a Professional Bio for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+

One more gem about professional social bios is this one from CNN, Twitter Bios: Don’t Be A Rock Star Guru.

Regardless of your political beliefs, you have to admit that Hillary Clinton has a pretty sweet Twitter bio. I’m going to be reworking mine, which is accurate, but dull. Let’s see what you come up with in the coming weeks.

Best, @DebraJChico

Getting Your Resume into Shape

Happy Rainy Saturday Job Hunters!

What’s Happening in Monday’s Class?
-We’ll meet in the Mac Lab; remember this is our home for the remainder of the semester.
-Your job hunter’s profile is due at start of class. Remember that you are submitting it in both print and electronic formats (send to my email: by 8 a.m.).
-Our primary focus will be your traditional resume. Be sure to read the articles highlighted in the course schedule; in particular the one that focuses on content differences between LinkedIn and your print resume.

In-Class Exercises
You need to bring to class both a  printout of your resume and the Microsoft Word electronic file.

We’re going to use the electronic version to create a word cloud of your resume content. This is a great way to analyze what words or phrases may jump out to those scanning your resume.

We’re going to do a critique exercise with your print version to review format and overall content.

Then, you’ll have one week to make improvements to your resume before you submit it to me for grading. When it comes to me for grading, it must include the internship you’re doing for JOUR 445.

Have a great weekend.