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The Ins & Outs of Interviewing

Greetings J445 Job Hunters. I hope you’re enjoying the short week.

We have a guest speaker in Monday’s class. Danielle Salvato-Earl is an account manager at Kulesa Faul PR in the Bay Area. She’s also an alumna of our program.

Danielle is going to discuss interviewing — how to do it well, pitfalls to avoid, preparation and how to follow up with a potential employer after an interview.

Be sure to pull together a list of questions you want to toss her way. And, check out this article from Fast Company, “How to Nail Your Next Phone Interview.”

Be sure to review the class Guest Speaker Policy as well.

Have a great weekend.



We’re 48 Days from Graduation. Is time flying or dragging?

Happy April J455 job hunters. With only 48 days to go I can’t seem to decide if time is flying by or starting to drag its feet. Tell me how you’re feeling about the speed with which we’re headed to graduation May 18:

We’ve got a jam-packed month ahead of us. Here’s what’s on tap:

April 7: Guest Speaker Danielle Salvato-Earl
Danielle is an account manager at Kulesa Faul PR in the Bay Area. She’s going to discuss in the ins and outs of interviewing.

April 7 is also the start of Mandatory Advising Week and open applications for Tehama Group Communications’ fall team.

April 14: Guest Speaker Kristina Richmann
Kristina is a senior account executive at Vantage PR where she works with technology clients focusing on mobile, advertising, interactive TV, music, connected car, smart grid and telecom sectors. She’ll be sharing how to stand out in positive ways during the job hunt process.

April 16: Crocker & Crocker Summer Internship Info Session (see last week’s email).

April 18: San Francisco site visit trip.

April 21: SETs & Walt & Co.
8 – 8:50 a.m.: Student evaluations of teachers and Q&A for the portfolio assignment.

9-9:50 a.m. Guest Speaker Ian Twamley from Walt & Co. will be discussing what to expect in your first six to nine months on the job.

10 – Noon: Ian will be conducting first round interviews for Walt & Co.’s paid summer internship program. See my post on the department’s Facebook page for more info. Resume should be submitted to Walt & Co. before the end of this week to be considered for internship spot.

April 28: Portfolio Deadline
The big assignment is due: online portfolio, cover letter and video elevator pitch. We’ll be doing class presentations of your work.

Let’s take a collective deep breath, then dive on in!