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$300 in Only 90 Seconds!

Hi, all. Alma mentioned this competition during our last class session, in case you’re interested… The Chico State Elevator Pitch Contest is Still Open for Submissions

Hurry–the submission deadline for the Elevator Pitch Contest is about to close on November 9th at 6:00 PM! Don’t miss your chance to win $300 in only 90 seconds!

The leaves are falling, it’s cooling down, and you can find pumpkin spice in just about everything. It can only mean one thing – the Elevator Pitch Contest is just around the corner!

The contest is open for submissions from all currently enrolled students at CSU, Chico or Butte College – plus for the first time we have opened the competition to members of Chico’s business incubator: ChicoStart. This is your chance to air your best business idea in public with a chance for prize money, great advice, and even future investment.
Chico’s own T-Bar is, once again, the sponsor and will be providing the prize money. The top four concepts automatically qualify for the Spring 2018 Chico State Business Concept Competition with a chance to win even more prize money and go on to Humboldt State for the Future Four in April 2018.

Elevator Pitches are only 90 seconds– about the time it takes to ride to the top of Butte Hall. We are limiting the contest to fifty contestants – the only pre-condition is attendance at one coaching session.

The contest is open to ALL majors on campus and will be held Thursday, November 16 at 6:00 PM in Colusa 100 A & B.
Register here for the Elevator Pitch Contest

The event is free and open to the public to attend. Must be a student at Chico State or Butte College or a ChicoStart member to participate in the contest.
Not a business student, but have a business idea? That’s where we come in! The Center for Entrepreneurship can provide mentoring, coaching, and support in creating your pitch or business plan. Stop by and see what we can do for you!

Get all details at or drop by the Center for Entrepreneurship office, Glenn 219-221  530-898-4894  |

Announced on: Monday, Nov. 06, 2017 via Campus Announcements

Deadline Day is Approaching Fast

Greetings J445 Job Hunters.  We’re 25 DAYS to graduation! And, 4+ days until your Online Portfolio, video Elevator Pitch and Cover Letters are due.

Amazing how time is flying by!

In Monday’s class we’ll be highlighting your work on the big screen. We’re definitely going to watch the video elevator pitches. If time allows, we’ll dive into your portfolio work samples too.

I have office hours tomorrow from 9:30 – 11 a.m. if you need assistance. This is your last chance before the assignments are due to get my help.

Some articles that may be helpful:

LinkedIn note: while you’re polishing your work for the online portfolio, don’t forget to place your best pieces inside your LinkedIn profile. And, be sure to update the website link in your contact area. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential employers to view your skill sets.

I look forward to seeing your online sites in the next few days.