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Crafting Your Pitch

Greetings DMSers.

I have a few resources I want to share regarding tomorrow’s topic, The Pitch. There are lots of ways to develop a business pitch that you’ll deliver to potential startup investors. Two pros in the field share their approaches here:

Dave McClure discusses How to Pitch a VC

During his presentation, McClure references an entrepreneur by the name of Tim Young who uses only 5 slides to pitch investors. Given that Young received more than $10 million in funding in one year, he’s probably worth listening to. Definitely review his Rules for Slides.

On the Advertising Front

Since we’ve been discussing and blogging about advertising, I wanted to share these stories I’ve found recently:

Today’s New York Times has a great feature regarding a startup company that has learned how to track your online life via all the electronic devices you use (even with cookies disabled) and then sells your info to advertisers. Check that out here.

BusinessWeek has a good article about StumbleUpon’s work in mobile advertising.


Mashable has a piece about how watching ads on mobile devices might earn you more data on your cell phone plans.