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Nice job with the new biz ideas

A really nice range of new business ideas was presented in class yesterday. Since the presentations took far longer than I anticipated, I’m using today’s post to do a bit of catch up and an overview of where we’re going next.

CATCHING UP — Action Item for You

As we ran short of time in class, I feel that those students presenting toward the end were a bit short-changed in idea review. To be fair in grading and assessment I’d like everyone to give me access to your presentation files (i.e. Prezi, Haiku Deck, etc). Please send me links/access via my email:

If you included your presentation links in the write up you sent to me via email prior to class, you do not need to resend the presentation link.

Blog Front: I will be fixing the link problems with your personal blogs that were mentioned in class. Blog 2 grading will be done by noon tomorrow. I’ll be sending grading notes to your email. See the DMS Blog handout for this week’s blog topic.


Now that everyone has a new business idea or two or three, here’s an overview of our next steps:

Customer Profile

This is a new document I just added to the website and class dock in the Mac Lab. This is a brainstorming tool, and not a required homework assignment. If you choose to use this form it will help you develop content that is required in several upcoming assignments.

You need to start creating a detailed description of your market — who is it that will purchase this new product you’re creating? Through my many years of PR work, I have found that it helps to identify demographics and psychographics, but also to gather images that help paint a photograph in your mind of your customers.

I strongly encourage you to get photographs of individuals you perceive as prospective customers (these can be stock photo images that help you visualize your customers). And get images of the wide range of customers you may have — primary and secondary. Having those solid images fixed in your head can be very helpful as you move through your product development process.

Homework 2 (Deadline: Monday, Sept. 16)

This assignment gets you to start planning both primary and secondary research. The customer profile exercise above will help you with the primary research aspect. As will the Briggs’ text chapters identified in the course schedule and the Mashable article you’ll find linked there.

The secondary research component focuses on your perceived competition.

During Monday, Sept. 16 class we’ll be brainstorming how to conduct primary research with members of your market. We’ll most likely do this in small groups based on industry focus.

Homework 3 (Deadline: Monday, Sept. 30)

With this assignment, you’ll execute the primary research plan you created in Homework 2. You’ll be testing your new business concept with members of your market. This initial testing can provide important insight into your idea as it stands now and where it might go in the future.

Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

Collaboration is key during this whole startup process. Take a few moments to check out this video by Steven Johnson illustrating how innovative ideas come about.