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Deadline Day is Approaching Fast

Greetings J445 Job Hunters.  We’re 25 DAYS to graduation! And, 4+ days until your Online Portfolio, video Elevator Pitch and Cover Letters are due.

Amazing how time is flying by!

In Monday’s class we’ll be highlighting your work on the big screen. We’re definitely going to watch the video elevator pitches. If time allows, we’ll dive into your portfolio work samples too.

I have office hours tomorrow from 9:30 – 11 a.m. if you need assistance. This is your last chance before the assignments are due to get my help.

Some articles that may be helpful:

LinkedIn note: while you’re polishing your work for the online portfolio, don’t forget to place your best pieces inside your LinkedIn profile. And, be sure to update the website link in your contact area. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential employers to view your skill sets.

I look forward to seeing your online sites in the next few days.


Learning to Pitch About Yourself

Good morning J445 Job Hunters. I hope you’re enjoying this nice RAINY morning in Chico, California. I had a wonderful time jogging in Bidwell Park with my dogs in the rain. It felt like such a novelty.

We have an action-packed class session lined up for Monday. We’ll be covering elevator pitches, cover letters and lining up your references. All incredibly important elements of your job-hunting tool kit.

Check out each assignment sheet in the homework tab before class. And, take a look at the following online resources:

Elevator Pitches: SHIFT Communications has a great piece about networking with professionals while you’re still in college. Take particular note of the entry about elevator pitches, which are useful in situations like this Friday’s site visit to Sacramento PR agencies, career fairs hosted on campus, in-class opportunities to network with alumni (we have five coming soon!), etc.

Cover Letters: I like to think of cover letters as mini-feature stories that connect you to a company. However, many students feel challenged to craft a cover letter that goes beyond the templates you can find online. The Daily Muse has an interesting piece which might help, The Mind Trick That Will Change the Way You Write Cover Letters Forever.

References: Sometimes references can make or break your ability to get a job offer. Oftentimes, students don’t think about the time and effort it takes to line up the right group of people to be your reference, the key questions you need to ask them BEFORE you put them on your list, and how to manage the relationship during the job-hunt process.

Check out this blog from The Ladders to help get your reference search off to a good start: Three Ways to Kiss a Job Offer Goodbye.

LinkedIn Profiles: I’m slowly making my way through these. I’ll be emailing your critique sheets once I’ve got them all done.