DMI Guest Speakers

We’re going to have four guest speakers over the course of the semester.

Feb. 20: Tribeworthy creators Jared Fesler and Chase Palmieri
Fesler and Palmieri will be introducing their news media startup Tribeworthy, which provides an article review system based on media literacy frameworks. They’ll provide insight into their product development process, what it’s like launching it, and how the product works.

March 8: Brittany Hopkins from Hoodline
Hopkins is also a graduate of our program. She’s one of the rare grads who started in public relations but then moved into news. She’s currently the San Francisco editor for Hoodline, a news media outlet that started out as a blog about the Lower Haight and has turned into a powerful news media outlet covering San Francisco and Oakland with a network of freelancers.

April 17: Marideth Post from Thumbtack
Post is a graduate of our J&PR program and a superb corporate communications pro. She’s going to share insight into her career path and what it’s like working within startup companies. She’s also going to share important insights into marketing and PR. You’ll walk away from this session with lots of ideas for Make $ Plan task.



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