JOUR 444: Let the Job Hunt Begin!

I hope everyone is having a great first week of spring 2018. Only 114 days to go!

Please take note of the following:

  1. LinkedIn: if you’re not already connected with me on LinkedIn, do NOT send me a request to connect until we start discussing that homework assignment.
  2. Need to create materials ASAP? Several of you have hit me up to get started on cover letters, portfolios, etc. immediately. If you need to get something going for a job prospect before we get to it in the class, the first thing you should do is go through the JOUR 444 course schedule and use the hyperlinks provided around the specific task. The second thing you should do is read the homework/suggested activity assignment sheets. There are more hyperlinks there. The third thing you should do is look at The Muse and The Avid Careerist for help. Then, come see me during office hours with your draft in hand.

Big LinkedIn change this week: if you have an active LinkedIn account right now, you might want to go into your privacy settings and make some changes ASAP. Why? Check out this blog post from Avid Careerist.

Spring Break in Seattle?

I’m thinking about trying to get a spring break trip to Seattle going. We would meet J&PR alumni at their place of work and learn about job opportunities in the area. The potential companies we might visit include: Microsoft Corporation (our alum heads their gaming division and VR sector), WE Communications, Eddie Bauer, Zulily, and several PR agencies. In order to make this happen, I would need a minimum of 10 students who would be willing to commit to go on the trip. You’d have to pay your own way and agree to all of our site visit requirements (university risk management, professional dress, follow the schedule I set, etc.).

I can’t tell you how much it would cost, but you’d need to think about: airfare, accommodations (cheaper if you share hotel rooms/Airbnb spaces, etc.), food, transportation around the city (they have BART type of system), etc. I would not dictate where you stay, just where the time and place to meet me each morning.

Most likely our travel dates would be: arrive in Seattle Sunday, March 18 and leave late Wednesday night, March 21 or early March 22.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, send me an email.


About debrajchico

I teach public relations for Chico State's Department of Journalism & Public Relations. Over the 20+ years of my career I've worked in high-tech agency, governmental and nonprofit PR. I teach courses in entrepreneurial journalism, writing and publication design, PR strategy, advise our student-managed PR agency, and oversee our internship program.

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