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Digital Tracking = Money in the Bank

Greetings DMIers. In tomorrow’s class, we’ll first review your product logos, then we’ll revisit one of the monetization techniques we discussed last week: collecting information from consumers in their digital spaces.

This digital tracking is a business model that generates lots of money for companies, and it’s a legitimate business model for you to consider for your startup. It’s sometimes called infomediary, but the outcome is more commonly known as remarketing.

As we all know, there is no such thing as privacy if you’re a user of digital products like websites, social media channels, web-connected TVs or other smart devices that may fall under the Internet of Things (what Fast Company terms Privacy Hell). Ever used Tinder? The company has lots of data on you; 800 pages in the case of this journalist from The Guardian.

We’re going to explore how you are being tracked digitally, the types of data collected, who is tracking you and what you can do about it. We’ll do this by diving into Facebook’s data collection practices to start with.

If you’re interested in learning how this tracking works in the larger digital context and methods to try to protect yourself, check out these sources:

Please share in the comments if you have other resources you think students in the class should consider on this topic.


Photo by Fancycrave from Pexels

Guest Speaker Coming Monday

Greetings DMI. Monday, Oct. 23 we’re going to have our first guest speaker in class.

Sarah Koniniec graduated from Chico State in 2012 and has spent the past five years working with tech entrepreneurs, startups and venture capitalists in the San Francisco Bay Area. Currently, she’s a senior account executive at Highwire in San Francisco.

Sarah is going to share:

  • Her career path.
  • What it’s like working for startups vs. traditional companies.
  • Examples of PR to promote or launch new products and companies.
  • Key considerations to keep in mind in PR, marketing and digital contexts for promotion.

Her presentation directly links to the content you’ll be required to produce in the Make $ Plan, specifically the PR and marketing section.

Your homework in preparation for this visit:

  • Review the Make $ Plan assignment to understand the requirements for the PR and marketing section.
  • Check out her LinkedIn profile.
  • Bring a list of questions you might toss her way.


DMI: How to Conduct Research with Your Market

Happy Sunday DMIers: Friendly reminder that Homework 5: Research Plan is due tomorrow in class. Do not publish it to your blog/learning journal. Instead, bring the electronic file to class since we’ll be workshopping these plans during our session.

Also, make sure that your research plan reflects our key discussion points from last class session, namely:

  • Introduction that does not give away your definition of the problem or your solution.
  • Clear description of the research methods you plan to use.
  • The exact questions in the exact order you’re going to ask them (remember big picture to little picture?).
  • And, you’ll need to have some type of visual mockup of your product concept – paper sketches are fine for tomorrow but a better approach is POP.

In addition to the resources highlighted last week, you might find these two articles helpful as they expand on many of our key points:

Have a great rest of the day. I’ll see you tomorrow.