Expand News Sources: Entrepreneurship, Changing Tech and Digital Journalism

Welcome DMI entrepreneurs. As we look toward week 2 of our startup adventure, we need to start expanding information sources you use on a regular basis. We do not have a course textbook to guide our collective learning. Instead, we’re going to be using a wide variety of sources from the digital space.

Explore the links below, start bookmarking sites and signing up for free enewsletters.

Entrepreneurs and Emerging Technology:

  • Entrepreneur: the title of the publication says it all. And, sponsored content (a monetization tool) on the site gives you access to articles which may help you with DMI Brief #3 Now That’s Innovation (due Sept. 6): The 10 Tech Trends Driving Our Future and Will Artificial Intelligence Really Kill My Job?
  • Fast Company: Sign up for Fast Co’s free email newsletter and the top stories come right to your inbox every morning.
  • The Startup on Medium: This will be helpful as we dive into business plans and how you think about technology, marketing and audience segmentation.
  • Haptical: a journalism startup focused on emerging technology.
  • Axios: another journalism startup looking at emerging technology.
  • What’s your favorite industry? Considering doing a Google search to find some startups in the industry you are most passionate about. You’ll probably find an Angel list, like this one, which also connects to monetization methods we’ll be discussing later.

Entrepreneurial Journalism: The challenge here is to start reviewing news media outlets you don’t normally follow and to understand how the startup culture applies to journalism. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Nieman Lab: Great resource to glimpse what’s happening with entrepreneurial journalism, find info about new startups and how emerging technology is being used by reporters and news organizations. Sign up for the free enewsletter.
  • Journalism Innovation on Medium: This content comes from the Tow-Knight Center for Entrepreneurial Journalism in NY city. The structure of our course is based on training I received several members of the Tow-Knight program. Medium was also a journalism startup.
  • Startups for News: This content comes from the Global Editors Network. Also on Medium.
  • Read Across the Aisle: Want to try out a journalism startup? This is a free app you can download for your smartphone. It’s designed to get you reading across a wide political spectrum. It’s currently one of my favorite journalism apps and it’s a good example of helping to solve a specific problem.

Feel free to add ideas for other sources we should follow as a class via the comments.


Twitter image source: Pexels.com

About debrajchico

I teach public relations for Chico State's Department of Journalism & Public Relations. Over the 20+ years of my career I've worked in high-tech agency, governmental and nonprofit PR. I teach courses in entrepreneurial journalism, writing and publication design, PR strategy, advise our student-managed PR agency, and oversee our internship program.

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