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Starting to Define The Problem

Greetings DMIers:  I hope you found our design thinking challenge around the gift-giving experience insightful and entertaining. We’ll continue to use design thinking concepts throughout our course. If you’d like to learn more about those who designed the challenge we did, please explore the Institute of Design at Stanford.

Course Website Updates
I’ve made a few adjustments to our website:

  1. Homework page: I’ve reorganized the order of the assignments to represent the order in which they’ll be accomplished. There are no new additions, just hopefully a clearer order to help you meet deadlines.
  2. Guest Speakers: We’re going to have four guest speakers in the coming weeks and you can find initial details about them on this page.

Looking Ahead to Monday’s Class
You should be in the process of finalizing DMI Brief #3 which has you identifying specific innovators in the industries you are most passionate about. It’s my hope that this brief will help you to start contemplating your digital media product concept.

Monday in class you’ll start putting into writing and sketches some initial concepts for Homework 1. A key point to keep in mind about this product concept creation:

  • The most successful products solve a specific problem the market feels. It will be key for you to be able to clearly define The Problem your market faces. I often refer to this as your customer’s pain point. Example: Here’s the link to the Instagram founder’s comments on finding the problem we saw in class.

I have two resources to share this week to help you find some inspiration in your work:

  • Entrepreneur’s 100 Brilliant Companies to Watch in 2016 highlights innovators across a wide range of industries including fashion, health, business services, tech, recreation and food. This is a great resource for a quick dive into entrepreneurs in specific industries you’re passionate about. Who knows, you may find a competitor or two in this feature.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ll see you Monday.


Art Credit:, CC Zero