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Welcome to JOUR 451: Digital Media Innovation for News & PR

Greetings DMIers: I hope you had a successful first week of the fall 2016 semester.

We’re going to do a Design Thinking activity that was created by the Institute of Design at Stanford. In our class session you will:

  • Brainstorm the gift-giving experience with a partner.
  • Based on that brainstorm you’ll develop a product prototype.
  • Then, you’ll test that prototype with your partner.

The pace will be quick and that’s intentional. Remember to spend some time before class thinking about your last gift-giving experience. Think about the process, not just the person you gave a gift to and what the actual gift was. Also, think about your personal motivations in this activity.

Bring to class any tools that will help you with creativity. I’ll bring sugar and something healthy to snack on.

You also want to start your brain churning on your DMI product concept task. A few ways to help you jump start your creativity:

  • Google search entrepreneurs and startup companies in the industries you’re most passionate about. Start looking at what innovation is happening now in those areas. Also, research the companies you most want to work for. Who are the intrapreneurs at those companies and what innovations are they creating?
  • 1 Pager: Now That’s Innovation (due Wednesday).
  • Homework 1 (due Sept. 7) forces you to put into writing some initial product concepts.

A key point to keep in mind about this product concept creation:

  • The most successful products solve a specific problem the market feels. It will be key for you to be able to clearly define The Problem your market faces. I often refer to this as your customer’s pain point.
  • Here’s the link to the Instagram founder’s comments on finding the problem we saw in class.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ll see you Monday.



Twitter image source: Startup Stock Photos, CCO license