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Get in on The Hunt with Comas and Dukkers

Greetings DMIers. This Thursday we’ll have the first our of entrepreneur guest speakers. Our guests, Brittany Comas and Ally Dukkers, graduated from the Chico State J&PR program with the news option and are currently running various social media platforms for The Hunt.

The Hunt is a fashion startup located in San Francisco. The company’s about page explains that it “is a community powered mobile app that is transforming the way that people shop online. By empowering peers to suggest products for each other, The Hunt taps into the personal shopper inside all of us and creates a positive community centered on fashion and individual style.”

Brittany and Ally are going to discuss:

  • Career path: how they moved from reporters at The Orion to social media goddesses in San Francisco.
  • Their jobs at The Hunt
  • What it’s like working for a technology startup
  • How your journalism skill sets translate well to startup companies
  • Recommendations for landing jobs in the tech space

I’m sure our guests can give you a wealth of ideas for your digital media product concepts. Do your research and bring lots of questions.



How to Conduct Research with Your Market

Happy Sunday DMIers: This week we’re continuing our focus on primary research. Your draft research plan is due Thursday and should include:

  • A description of your product concept
  • Clear identification of your market
  • Your introduction: how will you explain what you’re doing to the people you need to interact with?
  • The exact research methods you wish to use, and the exact questions you’ll use via those methods.
  • And, you’ll need to have some type of visual mockup of your product concept

In addition to the resources highlighted last week, you might find these two articles helpful:

Tools To Help Create Mockups

You can use paper drawings of your product concept for our first round of market research, but you might get inspired to dive in further with some of the cool tools you’ll find in the articles below. And, you might find some new app startups to experiment with – there’s fashion, time management, social media and email tools highlighted among many others. Both are found on Medium (an amazing news startup you should explore if you don’t already use it):

We’ll use some of our time in class Tuesday to work on the product mockups.



The Value of Talking to Your Market

Greetings, DMI class. I hope you found yesterday’s class session helpful in brainstorming your initial new product concepts. It’s interesting to see the direction that everyone is moving in.

Tomorrow we’ll be focusing on conducting original research with your potential market on your concepts. This may help to determine if your idea is just that — an idea — or if there is potential to make it something more. Briggs Chapter 5 hit on this point well.

We also discussed the notion of product-market fit. This article from Entrepreneur might be helpful while you start to contemplate your ideas further: 3 Steps to Determine Product-Market Fit.

When we did the sticky test many of you reported that the “Unexpected” and “Story” traits were a challenge at this point. Talking to your market may yield some interesting ideas on those fronts. I found this NiemanLab article that highlights an unexpected element quite well: Soon, publishers will be able to determine when smartphone users are bored and push content at them.

The NiemanLab is a fantastic source to dive into. Remember that your final concept must have a significant news element built into it. As you continue to develop your idea think about how you’re going to include journalistic elements: news storytelling, generating original content via blog posts like The Atlantic is doing, or other news content formats like podcasting, perhaps partnerships to showcase great content from other journalists, etc. And, some of you are looking at localization aspects – how can you build a hyperlocal news element into your idea?