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Is that a news story or a paid ad?

Good Mornings DMSers. We started a great discussion yesterday about corporate journalism, branded journalism and sponsored content. Just to make it more interesting, let’s also throw in these terms: content marketing and native advertising.

At our next class session, we’re going to continue this discussion by examining content samples to help differentiate these terms and to understand how they might apply to your digital media startups. Additionally, we’re going to dive into some of the ethical questions being discussed in news and PR circles on these topics.

Let’s also touch on this from a reader’s perspective: Can they differentiate between news and ads in the digital space? Does it even matter?

One of the sites we’ll examine is the Richmond Standard. As you’ll see in the following links, there are various points of view on this Chevron project:

A Chevron PR website pretends to be an objective news source, published in the Los Angeles Times.

Corporate Journalism is better than no journalism, a guest post published in PRNewser.

This article, which does not address the Chevron project, also sheds some interesting light on these topics:

What does the rise of brand journalism mean? For one thing, it means journalists have to up their game, published in GigaOm. I strongly recommend you dive into the hyperlinks within this piece.

I’m really looking forward to this conversation. Enjoy the articles.


Marketing & PR for your startup

Good morning DMSers. In today’s class we’re going to start diving into the marketing and public relations section of your business plan. A lot of ground to cover here.

Aside from the Briggs text, I’d like to share the following resources which may prove helpful in the coming weeks:

Demographics of key social networking platforms from Pew Research Center.

Connecting with Customers: How to Market to Their Emotions from Entrepreneur.

Bootstrapping Your Way to Success, also from Entrepreneur.

More to come at 2 p.m.


Hear about life in a startup during DMS Monday

Greetings DMSers. I hope you’re having a fantastic Thursday now that the midterm is behind you!

Monday we have a guest speaker, Colby L. Smith. Colby graduated from our program in 2013 and landed her first job out of college with a startup company. She’s now a social media and marketing specialist with the Melton Design Group where she is working on another startup project, the Outdoor Trunk.

Colby’s talk will focus on what it’s like to work for a startup company in your first job out of college. She’ll discuss strengths and weaknesses of making this type of leap and key questions you should ask during the interview process.

And, since she’s a social media and marketing specialist, you might pick her brain about how best to use these skills in the marketing section of your business plan.

Check out Colby on LinkedIn. Bring your questions.