Ever-Changing Nature of Digital News

Hi, DMSers. When  you have some spare time today you really should check out this article, How Google can really help news & media. I found it via @mallarytenore (former Poynter staffer) on Twitter.

The piece helps to illustrate (again) our discussions of: 1) find something you’re passionate about,  2) identify problems and possible solutions, and 3) the constantly changing of digital media.

Quick reminder for tomorrow’s class:

  • Be prepared to talk about the startup you plan to follow this semester.
  • Bring any questions you have re: Friday’s blog — and send me your URL if you have not already done so.
  • We’ll be going over Homework 1 – 4, so we’ve got a big day.

Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow.


About debrajchico

I teach public relations for Chico State's Department of Journalism & Public Relations. Over the 20+ years of my career I've worked in high-tech agency, governmental and nonprofit PR. I teach courses in entrepreneurial journalism, writing and publication design, PR strategy, advise our student-managed PR agency, and oversee our internship program.

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