Forbes: Go Big or Go Home with LinkedIn

Happy Friday J445 Job Hunters. I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend.

Reminder that your LinkedIn profile is due 8 a.m. Monday. I must have your invite in my email before then to receive credit (if we’re already linked, then you’re good to go).

Before you finish your profile, check out Forbes, Your LinkedIn Profile: Go Big or Go Home. Some very nice insight here, in particular check out the comments regarding head shots. It also addresses several points from our previous class discussion: The issue of customizing your invitation to link with someone, and why you might not want to link with just anyone.

Monday’s Class Focus: Portfolios

We’re going to dive into your next job-hunting tool, which is your portfolio. We’ll cover formats, content, packaging and details of the assignment including deadlines. In preparation for Monday’s class be sure to read:

  • The Online Portfolio
  • PR Daily, “10 Things Every PR Portfolio Must Have.” Note that most HR staff I work with, tell me #8 is not needed (they’d rather TALK to references), but job candidates that have the rest of the items on the list typically get strong consideration.



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I teach public relations for Chico State's Department of Journalism & Public Relations. Over the 20+ years of my career I've worked in high-tech agency, governmental and nonprofit PR. I teach courses in entrepreneurial journalism, writing and publication design, PR strategy, advise our student-managed PR agency, and oversee our internship program.

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